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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The big day is here! Happy Sugar Cookie Day!!! Thanks everyone for participating! You are all so talented!

These are some of the submissions (clockwise, starting with the top left corner):

The elegant Paisley Cookies are from distopiandreamgirl whose website is Mirabelle.

Lilley shared the yummy looking polymer clay cookie charms.

The pretty pink dress is from Obsessed with Cupcakes. I highly recommend checking out their website. They have some great content!

Since my husband is a Raiders fan, these Raider's jersey cookies from Glorious Treats caught my eye.

Janice, one of the nicest people I've met on flickr, posted the yummy looking sugar cookies with the red sugar. Her blog is called "Pug Yoga". How can you resist checking out a blog with a name like that?

Mollie of Wild Olive made the star cookies for the Fourth of July and Be Cheery shared the Scotty and heart cookies.

Those ADORABLE cupcake cookies (with the blue bottoms) are from my extremely talented friend Heather of Merry Moon Sweets and Treats. I love reading Heather's blog. She is attending culinary arts school and shares all of the things she's learning, plus she makes totally wonderful needle felted desserts (available in her etsy shop). She posted her favorite sugar cookie recipe on her blog. I can't wait to try it!

The leaf cookie is from Bree. Here's her etsy store.

Kim and I have decided we must be long lost sisters as we have so many things in common. She made the other super adorable cupcake cookies (with the pink bottom). Crumbs is the name of her delicious blog.

Mercedes shared her collection of cookie jars from her cookie jar shop in Chicago, Jazze Junque, Inc. Looks like a fun place to visit!

I want to thank Allison of "The Lark" for writing a very nice post about this "event". I'm so flattered. Her blog is very fun and her shop "Lark" is so sweet!

Finally, the Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls are from my friend Teena of Kitschen Pink, a talented baker and also a very talented textile artist! Looking at her work just makes me smile. It's so "happy".

Thanks again for taking part in this. If you still want to share your sugar cookie photos or recipes, please do! I'll keep posting photos and links until the end of this month.


Kitschen Pink said...

WOW! You really unleashed some talent here! I'm having serious cookie cravings! Great event! Well done and thank-you!! t.x

Caitlin said...

Some lovely cookies! Did you make any?

Damaris said...

I love your blog. You have an etsy store hat i fabulous and you blog. woah! here is a link to my post about my favorite sugar cookie recipe of all time sorry it's such a long post! is this where I submit it or should I e-mail you? either way here is it http://kitchencorners.blogspot.com/2008/02/last-chance.html

Damaris said...
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Emily said...

Caitlin– Yes I did make some cookies! Actually,last weekend I baked and decorated about 9 dozen cookies for "Art in Park" which is this Sunday. I've just been so busy getting things ready for Art in the Park and posting everyone else's cookies that I haven't even taken a picture of mine yet. They're all packaged up and tightly sealed in the freezer. I will share them in the next couple of days.
Damaris, – Thanks! I'll post a link to your sugar cookie recipe.

Michelle said...

I just have to say you have one of the tastiest blogs I've seen in a while and have to say thanks!

Please stop by my blog to see a award I gave you! you can see the details on my blog!


alexandra said...

Wow, these are gorgeous. Just too beautiful to eat!!

momof2gr8kids said...

ok gosh.. i am the nicest person?? wow.. how sweet.. I really need to get back into the yoga.. my belly is looking 9 months pregnant with all this talk of cookies and cupcakes.. and eating them.yes mine are plain but everyone ate them.. fast.. pretty cookies.. you just want to look at .. sloppy cookies .. mom style you eat.. like too many.. time for me to make pretty.. everyone here needs a summer diet.. ugh.. fat..