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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Giveaway!

Hi everybody!
Just a quick note to tell you that Damaris at Within the Corners of My Kitchen is hosting a giveaway that includes my cupcake toppers and some other great paper goods for your kitchen. I'm a little slow to let you know about this but just leave a comment on her site by Tuesday, Sept. 2. She gives away lots of great things so definitely check out her blog!
Thanks Damaris!


Hazel said...

Hi Emily,
I just popped over to check it out. She has a great blog thanks for the link.

Rose said...

I just found your site and read for the first time. I love your cupcakes, they look so good! I hope you are able to get your business going, I know if I lived near a cupcake shop I would stop in often! The cupcake must be universal, since my little girl has started drawing pictures of cupcakes lately. They are so cute I was thinking of putting them on Etsy! Anyway, thanks for the yummy pictures (at least I don't gain weight looking) and I am bookmarking to come back again. God Bless!

oldflowers4me said...

oh thankyou-i went over there as well and left a note-singing and skipping -jo

Anonymous said...