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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cookie Making Supplies

So… I planned on getting this post out last weekend…Tuesday at the latest. I've been looking for some fun "sugar cookie equipment and supply" resources to share with you. Well… I found lots of fun things… one link lead to another and… it's Friday night and I'm just now writing this post.

There are so many supplies to talk about, I decided to focus on non-edible equipment this time. I'll share resources for sprinkles and sugars and things like that later. I also plan to share sources for packaging supplies in another post.

Cookie Cutters:

I love cookie cutters! I used to collect them and only quit due to a lack of storage space. They're cheap and it's always fun to find a new shape

Bake it Pretty - (shown above)

Into the Oven - They have a few really fun shapes of copper cookie cutters including a Spaceman, Robot, Alarm Clock, Tricycle and Little Red Wagon. I might have to find a place to store these!

Off the Beaten Path - They have a huge variety of shapes and they're cheap! My favorite category is their "Old Fashioned" cookie cutters.

If none of these sources have the shape you're looking for, I found a tutorial at Juggling Frogs for making your own cookie cutters. I think I'll try it one of these days.


I love these handcrafted aprons made by Kerry of Practically Necessary.

I also found some great vintage aprons at Plaid Pony Vintage.
And here's some great directions for making your own apron at Bari J. (scroll down for a link to the PDF in the side bar)

Other fun stuff:

I can't bake without setting a timer and I would love to have these magnetic timers from

I can't believe all the amazing cookie photos that have been added to the National Sugar Cookie 2009 Flickr group! Check out the badge I just added to the right side-bar! WoW!

Happy Baking !


QueenBeeBakingCompany said...

These are wonderful! The cookie cutters are very special and ones I've not seen before. Thanks!

SoCal Helene said...

Love the tablecloth apron!! I have booked marked the site and will have to go back and browse more then I have more time, thank you so much for posting it.
Have a great weekend!
;0) Helene

TattingChic said...

Oh! The apron is absolutely fabulous! I love the alphabet cookie cutters, too. I want to get a set of them. I collect cookie cutters. :)

Elizabeth said...

These look great - gonna have to find the time to check them all out! Thanks so much for sharing.

SugarBelle's said...

Emily, the tin plate cookie cutter idea works really well, I am here to say! I have made them from the kits, from real (and really expensive) copper ribbon, and with the pans, and the pans make my best cutters! And if you take reasonabley good care of them and make sure they don't get crushed, they last forever! This is great for me because sometimes my husband does not move at my pace, and I have to make my own cutters because I get tired of waiting on him, LOL! Anyway, glad to see you posted that link, and I hope everyone will try it without hesitation! The possibilities are endless, and honestly its a bit addicitve. Just like buying those cookie cutters, LOL!