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Sunday, April 13, 2008

May Basket Cupcakes

I had some gumpaste flowers left over from the anniversary cookies I made a while back so I used them on these May Basket cupcakes. I wasn't sure about using pipe cleaners for the basket handles but I think they worked okay. I just loosened the paper cup a little where the pipe cleaner needed to go in and tucked the pipe cleaner in so that it's kind of "next to" the cupcake and not actually "in" the cupcake. The pink crepe paper that I wrapped around kind of holds everything together.

I just wrote a post at Flying Time about how I'm trying to keep this whole Sugar and Meringue Etsy business organized . It's probably something I should have posted here instead but the pictures looked better over there. :)


Kristin said...

These are so so beautiful!! Love em'! Thanks for sharing, your blogs are the best!! Kristin

Sarah said...

These are so sweet! Received the baby vintage card and pins in the mail! I'll post about it sometime this week!