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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Treat to Keep You Coming!

I promise, this blog is not going to turn into one big advertisement for my etsy shop. That's not at all what I want this to be about. But that is what I've been working on lately so it's really all that I've got to talk about as far as "Sugar & Meringue" is concerned.

I sold a couple of things this week and decided it would be fun to include a favorite recipe with my orders. Unfortunately, I didn't have any cute recipe cards. Inspiration strikes! I decided to design some. They are at the print shop right now and should be ready tomorrow so hopefully I'll have them listed by Wednesday or Thursday. I also made some cupcake toppers and they are in the store now.

Okay, so the next post will NOT be about my etsy shop. I want to make some May Basket Cupcakes to share with you. I saw the idea in a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook. Here's the thing…it says to poke pipe cleaners into the paper cup for the handle. I can't see the paper cup holding the pipe cleaner. Seems to me the pipe cleaner would need to poke into the cake a little bit. Is that gross?

Also coming up…My friend Catherine introduced me to a pastry chef in California who is just starting her own business. As soon as her web site is up and running I'm going to interview her and post our conversation here. I can't wait!

Since you've been kind enough to read through all of my ramblings, here's the treat I promised. I had about 10 extra cupcake toppers. I'd love to send them to you if you leave a comment on this post. If I get more than one comment I'll throw the names in a hat and draw out a winner. Good Luck!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah said...

I love your recipe cards! How creative! I love looking at vintage baking stuff. Your cupcake toppers are great. I had a Dick & Jane birthday party last year when my daughter turned 4. We did it all vintage with childrens illustration stuff. Looked at your Esty shop. Fun things you are selling!

Veronica said...

HI! I saw you at Flickr... I love your vintage stuff.. My passion is photographies, the sixties stuff, and baiking stuff! I do a lot of cakes, desserts, cupcakes and its great to see new ''products'' to put on the cake! You are an inspiration for me, great to know you! By the way, here are you come from? Im think im going to buy something from Etsy if the shipping its not to expensive... Come to see my blog. Its in french, but maybe the photographies can be cool to see... bye bye!
Vero http://pictoflowee.blogspot.com/

Heather said...

I love the idea of a recipe card with each order and I really love the cards themselves--super cute!

Benita said...

How great to find you through the cookie group! I love your style!

Heather said...


I LOVE my cupcake toppers. They are soooo cute. Thank you!!

Kristin said...

I want to win!! Kristin

Cheryl said...

These are SUPER cute!