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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Favorite Holiday Recipe

As promised, here is my favorite holiday recipe. I shouldn't even make these 'cause they tend to get eaten up before they ever make it to any holiday gatherings

Peanut Butter Bon Bons

2 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. butter
16 oz. (4 1/2) c. powdered sugar
3 c. Rice Crispies
6 oz. milk chocolate chips
butterscotch chips

In saucepan melt peanut butter and butter. In large bowl, combine powdered sugar and cereal. Pour peanut butter mixture over cereal mixture. Mix together with your hands. Form into 1" balls. Chill until firm. Melt chocolate chips. Dip candies in them. Place on wax paper line cookie sheet. Chill.
If desired- drizzle with melted butterscotch chips.

They're not the prettiest things in the world (at least mine aren't) so… it's all about the packaging.

My favorite holiday memory?

My son was born (3 weeks early) on December 23. We were celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of the family that day. My water broke right after dinner (great way to get out of washing dishes, huh?) I was still in the hospital on Christmas day so my mom and dad brought my girls and all the presents to the hospital.

In my previous post I invited 4 people to share their recipe/memory but please don't feel you need an invitation. I'd love to hear about everyone's favorite recipe or memory. You can use my badge if you want or make your own. Whatever suits you. Leave me a comment or e-mail after you write your post so I can read what you wrote!


Happy said...

OooooH yummy those peanut butter bom boms look so divine...I think that is definitely worth getting the kitchen dirty!! I love this post...I am so glad you posted about it...and all the while i have been hunting the right quantities for my holiday recipe....which is sooo easy, but i wanted to make sure about the right measurements...ill go and post it now! have a gr8 week hun xx

Happy said...

ive posted it! chocolate truffle cake...Hmmmmm!

Sarah said...

ah ha! These are great. I make the same thing ever year. I LOVE those things!!!
Vintage Lily