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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The home updating/redecorating continues here. It's slow going as we've had lots of other things going on too. So… my house has been a complete disaster for the past couple of weeks. NOT FUN! It will be worth it though! The new flooring has been installed in the kitchen and the walls and trim have been painted. I think somewhere, in some "guy manual" there is a rule that says oak must never ever be painted. I broke that rule when I painted my trim and the hubby isn't too happy. Consequently… I will not be painting my oak cabinetry (like I wanted to) and I might have to live with deer antlers on my living room wall. Oh well… I'm soooo happy with the white trim in the kitchen, I can't wait to get all the trim in the living room painted too!

Wouldn't you know… in the midst of all the chaos… it was my son's turn to bring treats to school for the monthly bake sale. So we cleared a patch of counter space and made some Almond Bark Pretzel Rods. Quick, easy, cute, yummy and fun to work on together.


1. Melt almond bark in microwave following instructions on package
2. Dip pretzel rods
3. Place on wax paper
4. Sprinkle

I got out all my sprinkles and let E go to town. The chocolate jimmies came out of the jar kinda fast and the "OHH NOO!" expression on his face was priceless.
I happened to have some pretzel rod sized cellophane bags from Nashville Wraps on hand, so it was easy to individually wrap them and get them ready to go. I was told that they sold out in a hurry!


pamela said...

i love nashville wraps, they are a great resource to make things pretty. anyone would be lucky to buy those prezels. pamela www.frenchknots.blogspot.com

Wes said...

what a great idea for my little girls valentine party!
Vintage Lily