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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Starting to Cook!

We've got lot's of things cookin' around here and honestly… they all have priority over blogging.

But… I thought I'd at least try to share with you some Photoshop Brushes I created a while back. My plan was to make them downloadable.

Here's the thing… when I try to do something like this, I realize just how lacking in technical knowledge I am. I know how to create a Photoshop Brush set but not how or where to upload them so that you can download them. So, if you are a Photoshop user and would like a set of "frosting brushes", I'd be happy to e-mail them to you. Just let me know! They were created in CS3 using a Mac and are saved as an .abr. I'm not sure if they'll work with other versions or platforms. If there is a way to make them downloadable, let me know!

And, quickly… here's one of the cookbooks I found on my weekend junking trip. I thought the cover was fun. It's going in my etsy shop as soon as I find the time to scan some more pages and get it listed!

Some friends have gone through some hard times lately. For them, time seemed to stand still. Time flies when you're happy. Busy is good. I'm lucky to have every single one of the things I have to do.


Artsy Momma said...

I would LOVE to get my hands on those brushes! I use Gimp but they are compatible with Photoshop brushes.

Also can you send me an email when you put that cookbook up on etsy I am interested in it!

Pamela said...

Love your new header it is adorable. and that cook book - priceless I can't believe you are selling it! too cute.

Little Miss Quynh said...

i found your blog from your etsy site actually, i was hunting for "vintage baking" (i collect vintage baking pans!). i just wanted to say, i love your blog, and you've got yourself a new reader. :) my love of all things vintage and baking and the like- your blog is right up my alley!

Monica Adriana said...

may i have it? you could send it to my email in classical_lovers@hotmail.com. that's a very nice brush, brings some sweet moods.. :)

Lauren said...

I would also love your frosting brush set! My email is andiyana@ymail.com