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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

I made these last minute… kind of in a hurry… not my best work ever… But still…

25¢ each???? SERIOUSLY????

I donated 2 dozen of these cookies to the speech team's bake sale. I thought it was a worthy cause and I'll admit, I thought it might be a little bit of good advertising. I packaged them neatly in little cellophane bags. I actually felt like I was making a pretty nice donation. All the bake sale items were marked when they arrived (not by the people who baked them). Anyway… I couldn't be there for the bake sale but my daughter told me they were marked at 25¢ each. Individual brownies (made from a mix and packaged in saran wrap I'm sure) were marked at 50¢ each.

I'm hurt, insulted and discouraged. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

Oh well… I guess some days are like that, "even in Australia".


SugarBelle's said...

Oh Emily, I am so very sorry. That is discouraging! THis job is definitely a labor of love, anI have had a few experiences like that myself, such as being haggled for charging someone $20 for a dozen and a half cookies. Do they NOT KNOW WHAT GOES INTO EACH INDIVIDUAL WORK OF ART?!? THe appreciative ones make up for it however, thank goodness, or otherise we might all quit! THere are always those who don;t appreciate art. THis explains the phenomenon of priceless pieces of art showing up at tag sales. I hope for a better day today! You really inspire me, and I appreciate your work. It truly is priceless!

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

That's ridiculous! Don't let it get you down! They are fabulous...by the way new blog follower and totally smitten. Love your bloggy blog blog!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Emily what a shame. Some silly person must have done the pricing!
They all look so pretty and yummy

Hen said...

That's ridiculous and I can understand you were insulted, they really are beautiful. It's also stupid because the cause could have made more money by selling them at a more realistic price. Though my baking is nowhere near as good as yours, I was very miffed a few years ago to see all my hard worked hand baked items selling for the same price as awful shop bought cakes and biscuits a few years ago at the school fair. Though I do still bake and donate items, I am nowhere near as enthusiastic and do not go to nearly so much trouble, no point if it's not to be appreciated. Yours biscuits were truly beautiful.
Hen x

sweetopia said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? 25 CENTS EACH!! I'm completely insulted for you!! That's ridiculous... who was in charge of pricing them? I'm really flabbergasted as they are so pretty and obviously a lot of effort went into them!! Much more than brownies!!

Unfortunately I have noticed that people who've never made decorated cookies before just have NO clue as to how much work and effort goes into making them. Every time I teach the unit to my students at school or teach some friends, they gain an appreciation for the cookies as they've gone through the process. My family as well; they've SEEN the process (and mess in the kitchen =) so they also understand. The fact that the general public just has no idea what goes into them, was one reason why I decided not to go into the cookies business. I don't mean to be discouraging though!! There ARE people who do love them, appreciate them and will pay what the cookies are worth!! Those are the customers that will keep coming back!
I hope that never happens to you again; your work is beautiful!!

Miss Amy O said...

oh, dear. They are lovely cookies and whomever was in charge must have forgotten her glasses. Don't give up on bake sales as they've been a great way to share my own goodies and might be a great source for you, too!

Fancy Elastic said...

a blind idiot obviously priced them. They are gorgeous.

Carli said...

Ah! People are crazy. Just letting you know I just came across your site. Love it so much that I'm linking to it from my blog! You've inspired me to try to do a really special something for my daughter's first birthday! Thanks, and keep up the good work. Though it's missed by some, it's appreciate by many as well! (like me)!


Carli said...

Oh- tell me...have you ever attempted French macaroons?

QueenBeeBakingCompany said...

It might have been fun to purchase all of them for the .25 and set up a small table right next to theirs and sell them for a better price!! I'm sure no slight was intended, just ignorance! I'm also pretty sure all the customers were very HAPPY to receive such a wonderful cookie at such a GREAT price! You probably made their day!

Chic Farm Chick said...

Emily! To quote everyone else, that is totally ridiculous! Those are *beautiful*! Good heavens, where did they think those things came from, the cookie tree in your backyard? And I agree with QueenBee--I bet those folks that got those beauties for a quarter were stoked--I would have been!