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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Old Mixer & Something on a Stick

This is the mixer I used when I was learning to bake. My grandma bought it when my mom was a little girl and when my mom got married she gave it to her. Just recently Mom decided it was time to get a new mixer so I asked if I could have the old one. Even though it's roughly 50 years old it still works! However, I wanted it mostly for decorative purposes. Lots of yummy cookies have been mixed with this thing!

A friend at work (also a talented baker) keeps track of every obscure holiday. Friday was "Something on a Stick" day so we celebrated by bringing food… on a stick ! I remembered this idea for rice crispy balls …on a stick…dipped in chocolate. I saw these in a magazine once as an idea for a bake sale treat. Simple and cute! I love them!

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