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Sunday, March 9, 2008

A possible solution…

My creation, originally uploaded by Flying Time Designs.

Last time I posted, I was fretting about the amount I would have to charge for cookies decorated with flowers like the ones shown above. In order to make a decent (equal to the pizza delivery guy's) hourly wage, I would have to charge about $40/dz. and that didn't seem like a very competitive price. Most of the places I've found online charge less than $36/dz., usually around $30. Well, I may have found a way to balance my prices so that the finished price per dozen averages less than $30. For the anniversary cookie order I was working on, I decorated 1/2 the cookies with the marshmallow fondant and the gumpaste flowers, but for the other 1/2, I just coated the cookies with white icing and sprinkled them with sanding sugar. They look gorgeous with the other cookies and only took about 45 min. (start to finish) to make. That means I could probably charge around $12/dz for those and come out okay. So…a dozen fancy cookies-$40 + a dozen "filler" cookies -$12 = $52 for two dozen cookies or $26/dozen. No, this is not my firm/final price, but probably pretty close to what I'll be charging when I get this business underway.


Sarah said...

Oh! What wonderful cookies. I had one right now as a night time snack while looking at blogs! Just found your blog. I'll be back to visit for sure!

ParisBreakfasts said...

These are exquisite

Caitlin said...

I absolutely love those! I really like it with the "filler" cookies. It may have even been too much to do all pretty fancy ones. And I found your blag and am hooked...going back pages... haha!

julie desmeules said...

This is what I do with the cupcakes and clients love it. I use "simple" instead of "filler", but same concept. Beautiful work!