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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mosaic 2 - the remix, originally uploaded by Flying Time Designs.

I've opened an etsy store to sell some "Sugar & Meringue" sweet, nostalgic vintage kitchen stuff. I will admit I did this mostly so that I would have an excuse to search for and buy more vintage kitchen stuff, but who knows…maybe I'll make a little start -up capital for my cookie business! :) sugarandmeringue.etsy.com

I've only got a few things listed as of today, but keep checking back, I'll be adding more things every day. Everything shown in the picture either is or will be listed.


Heather said...

Good luck on the new Etsy store!

Emily said...


Lori said...

good luck with your etsy store:) your blog is so darling...and do tell: how did you get three columns on blogger??? if it's extremely complicated, well then don't bother sharing...but if it is fairly idiot~proof, i would love to know how:)

Veronica said...

why are you selling the ''cake decorator''? its so old! but ok im gonna take it! ;)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop!! It's really cute!
Smiles, Karen