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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Star Wars Lego Cookies!

December 23 - Our little Padawan celebrated his 9th birthday. With a winter storm raging outside we felt as though we were on the planet Hoth. Conditions forced distant and elderly family members to remain at their base camps. Only Master Grandpa, Master Grandma and a youngling from a neighboring camp were able to attend. Spirits were high though as warm soup (in bread bowls!) and cookies and cupcakes were enjoyed by all.

Christmas Eve - The winter storm continued to rage and our datapads warned of an impending blizzard with white-out conditions. Our mission, to carry out Christmas Eve traditions with Master Grandma and Master Grandpa, seemed doomed. However, the Force was with us and a break in the weather provided the opportunity we needed to travel the short distance to their base camp. While there, we were able to locate the pickle ornament hidden in the tree and enjoy chili and cinnamon rolls. With our mission completed we returned home safely.

Christmas Day - Conditions forced us to alter our original plans. We would not be able to complete a journey to visit family on a distant planet. However, Master Grandma, Master Grandpa, Master Great-Grandma and Master Great-Grandpa were able to join us for our gift exchange and dinner. We felt very lucky to be able to enjoy the day with them and glad that they made it back to their own homes safely before we had total white-out conditions later that afternoon.

I hope all of you had a safe and merry Christmas. May the Force be with you!


Margy said...

My husband loves them, and I also think the cookies are great.

Julia said...

Your cupcakes and cookies look delichiouse. You should leave more recipis on your blog.